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I have managed to install PhpMyAdmin, and it seems to only be availabe through a directory or subdomain. My issue is that those two install options are visible to bots. I have denied access with a “deny from all” to the whole dir, but that solution may be practical for us web admis but not for standard web users.

Is there any way to install PhpMyAdmin from within Webmin the way cPanel runs and lets you login from within cPanel?




Virtualmin has it’s own built-in database management interface. While not as pretty, and perhaps even falling short of all the features that phpMyAdmin has to offer, it is there under “Edit Databases”.

So to answer your question as to whether it’d be installed within Webmin, the answer is no. Aside from the panel already having its own database manager, I suspect that there would also be potential licensing issues, and then ofcourse it’d need to be integrated in a way that does not open potential security holes to Webmin itself.

Bottom line, not exactly an easy task, especially with all the stuff the guys already have to maintain.

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In addition to what Peter has already mentioned. You could install phpMyAdmin from a package repository and then proxy it to any directory for some or all domains on your server. Directory could be password protected as well. Besides, you could also make it available as

The link to phpMyAdmin could be added to navigation menu of Webmin/Virtualmin using theme configuration page making it feel like an integrated solution.

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