phpmyadmin inside webmin/virtualmin secure https

I would like to see phpmyadmin run inside the virtualmin secure server. For some of us, getting it running secure from apache is a PITA.

It would also allow all users to log in securely.

Hey Jeff,

We’re plotting something along these lines for a not too distant release. It will be an “install for all domains” script installer that knows about a few scripts (the database php*admin scripts being among the first supported). This is a much more complicated problem than the “install for one domain” case, but will be very helpful for folks who want to run an alternate webmail client rather than Usermin, or want to use an alternate database administration tool rather than the Webmin MySQL and PostgreSQL modules. It’ll probably be another month or two before that gets added–some higher priority items are underway at the moment.

That said, we still want to know what we’re missing in our Usermin webmail and Webmin database administration modules that makes them inferior to the alternatives. Nobody wants to complain about them…they just want to replace them. That makes me think we’re doing something so horribly wrong that folks don’t even consider them worth improving. :wink:

I think it would be hard to compete with the likes of phpmyadmin. It is a dedicated program with a staff dedicated to just that focused project… Just like you are not adding a forum or blog system to webmin but are integrating the setup through Virtualmin. I would expect the same for SQL admin. The GUI and everything within phpmyadmin seems much more user friendly with phpmyadmin over the system built into Webmin.
Much easier and intuitive to work with. Build on the standard and work in integration.
Focus on how to keep the integration current so when a new release is available we can easily upgrade without needing to wait for a Virtualmin update.

Hi Joe,

The OP didn’t get as much detail on this issue as you’d probably like, so I’ll comment as to why I’d like to see phpmyadmin or those sorts of features in the virtualmin MySQL client.

phpmyadmin is pretty powerful, and isn’t just a way to issue SQL to the database. You can also easily do maintenance on the DB. It’s also got a really nice drill-down into the database structure.

If you know what you’re doing from the MySQL command line, the current virtualmin DB client is fine, but for others phpmyadmin is quite useful, and it’d be great if it was protected behind the virtualmin admin server.


What bugs me about your interface is when I want to do something as simple as copy a dBase dump and use it to create a new dBase through your interface, it turns into a frakin “where’s the goddamned table creation?” hunt.

in phpmyadmin, all I have to do is paste the dump in a command line and it creates the table & fields and enters all the data.

in your interface I create the dBase then, according to your ‘help’ link, I click on ‘manage’ beside the dBase name… only because there’s nothing in the dBase, there’s no Manage link. So I can create as many dBases as I want, I just can’t actually create any tables or fields unless they already have tables or fields.

Not even close to as intuitive as phpmyadmin, a setup that almost all webmasters are familiar with.

Here’s a tip: If your users are saying “We want to use phpmyadmin”, let them use phpmyadmin instead of getting defensive about your own interface.