Phpmyadmin error after install

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version Latest

I installed phpmyadmin as script in Virualmin but when I login I get a lot of errors. I only copied a part. What can be wrong?

Deprecation Notice in ./libraries/classes/Url.php#221 ![](upload://6w7HOLoKuTDtEXRteNiYA53kW94.gif) http_build_query(): Passing null to parameter #2 ($numeric_prefix) of type string is deprecated


./libraries/classes/Url.php#221: http_build_query(
string '&',
./libraries/classes/Header.php#231: PhpMyAdmin\Url::getCommonRaw()
./libraries/classes/Header.php#282: PhpMyAdmin\Header->getJsParams()
./libraries/classes/Header.php#214: PhpMyAdmin\Header->getJsParamsCode()
./libraries/classes/Header.php#142: PhpMyAdmin\Header->_addDefaultScripts()
./libraries/classes/Response.php#100: PhpMyAdmin\Header->__construct()
./libraries/classes/Response.php#134: PhpMyAdmin\Response->__construct()
./libraries/classes/Plugins/Auth/AuthenticationCookie.php#87: PhpMyAdmin\Response::getInstance()
./libraries/classes/Plugins/AuthenticationPlugin.php#247: PhpMyAdmin\Plugins\Auth\AuthenticationCookie->showLoginForm()
./libraries/ PhpMyAdmin\Plugins\AuthenticationPlugin->authenticate()
./index.php#27: require_once(./libraries/

Please check on which PHP version is used for the virtual server, which runs phpMyAdmin and make sure that it’s supported (by phpMyAdmin).

Also, check that these PHP extensions are installed:

php-mysql  php-json  php-mbstring  php-session  php-zip  php-gd  php-openssl  php-xml

I purged and autoremoved all phpmyadmin related and installed the script again and it worked flawless. Thanks

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