Phpmyadmin conf file for virtualmin/webmin

Hi just testing out the install scripts from GPL ver, is there a way to configure the phpmyadmin files (conf, etc) after you install it for a virtual server in virtualmin? I can’t seem to find phpmyadmin.conf in the usual directory.

I just wanted to harden phpmyadmin by possibly putting IP restrictions and disallowing web access to directories via conf file.

When using the Install Script feature of Virtualmin, phpmyadmin will be installed either in the webroot directory of a virtual server or in the phpmyadmin directory of a virtual server or in any other directory of a virtual server that you may have specified at the time of the installation.

On my Virtualmin server, I chose to install it on virtual server at the URL and so the configuration file is located at /home/vps01/public_html/phpmyadmin/

Appreciate the info! But would you know if the script installer includes phpmyadmin.conf and where to find it? Would like to check out how I can configure aliases for phpmyadmin.

I am sorry @ard_dev, I should have read your original question more carefully. My focus was on getting aliases configured and this is how I do it via See

WRT phpmyadmin.conf, I am unable to find that file on the phpmyadmin which I have installed via Virtualmin’s Install Script feature on a Debian 9 system. Sorry about the confusion.

No worries! I too, am unable to see the phpmyadmin.conf file in etc or usr/share under ubuntu18.04LTS. It seems like virtualmin doesn’t install phpmyadmin with apache2 the usual (old) way. Would be nice if we’d have more info on how it is installed.

In any case, I just created .htaccess file inside the phpmyadmin subdirectory created by virtualmin install script and added the specific directives I wanted to test in it(Require, auth_type, etc). I’ve also disabled root and updated the explicit ip/host rules in the file to enforce further restrictions.

I’m just not sure though if there is a better way to do all this, ideas would be highly appreciated! :smile:

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