Phpmyadmin can't login with non-root users

I am not only a newbie to virtualmin/webmin, I am also a newbie to linux. For most things I wanna do, I have to follow some step by step instructions, slowly I am getting myself familiar with all the concepts and notions.

After installing Ubunto 14.04, I installed webmin right away, and then virtualmin. Then I created 2 virtual servers, I noticed that virtualmin automatically created 2 users based on the hostname of the two websites and I can login webmin with them. Now, I use virtualmin’s install script to install phpmyadmin, I can use ‘root’ to log into phpmyadmin, and I can see the other two users within mysql’s user table, however, when I tried to login phpmyadmin with them, I got access denied.

What could possibly be causing the problem?


You’d want to make sure you’re using the correct database password for those users.

If you selected “hashed passwords” when installing Virtualmin, then your MySQL passwords are different than the system password for that user.

To see the password, you can look in Edit Databases -> Passwords.


Indeed, in phpmyadmin->mysql->user, I did noticed that although I set same password for ‘root’ and both of the other accounts, the hashed password turn out different. But what could it be then? When creating the virtual server, I was only prompted for administrator’s password once and I input a same password for root, how come they are different?

So why real password not orking? Need to allways to recheck it? I can revel there hashed and its different then i set up for virtual server domain.