phpmyadmin and webmail in one domain for all virtual servers


I’m getting stuck on this, I read a lot of post but I dont understan my english is not the best too so
please if anyone can help me, it was great!

my intention is create one instalation on main domain for phpmyadmin and webmail, I already install phpmyadmin on my main domain and it works but i cant log in with another virtual servers users,

Im not following why you would want lower level users to have thus kind of access? Usually its only the senior adminstrative user for the server itself that has broad access to all databases and accounts outside his home directory. Why give users access outside their own directories (ie in cpanel terms you appear to be asking for different cpanel accounts to have access to each other…why? they are supposed to be independant for good reason)

I am not following this line of thinking at all. Maybe i am misunderstanding your question.

What i think you should be doing is creating additional “users” for your main domain virtual server (not new virtual servers). Then give each additional user the ability to login to phpmyadmin "for that virtual server " etc (not access to other ones that are unrelated)

If you are creating new virtual servers, then, if using a webhosting setup as an example, each virtual server would be for a new domain and website and therefore independant of others. Users for these virtual servers can only access phpmyadmin for their own virtual server…not any others.

hi , adamjedgar
the intention is use a central phpmyadmin like usermin in webmail where each user can acces only to his own databases.

ty a lot…

is your question similar to this one…

from my understanding of your question, you want all users on individual virtual servers to access that???

your last comment is that i want, but the link is not the same.

the first line in the link i posted is a single phpmyadmin install…

“I want to set up one central copy of phpMyAdmin under Debian 7”

but as i said before, i think this can only be achieved by giving the users top level access (for example “root access”), which is not what a server administrator would normally want. Typically, a virtual server (or cpanel account) must be completely independant from all other accounts. Otherwise you are giving different domains access to each other (which not only breaches any privacy acts, its also plain crazy).

As i said before, virtual servers (like cpanel accounts) are by nature completely independant to each other. They are meant to be this way. The only user who normaly may access all of them is the server administrator (webmin administrator or “root user”). It is bad enough to have the root user as a server admin as it is…linux normally advises against this if i remember correctly because it creates the potentional for complete disaster if the person logging into server as root user makes a mistake…one could wipe the entire server and everything on it (including every single virtual server account (or cpanel account). This could mean the complete corruption/destruction of hundreds of clients directories. For this reason, client accounts are separated according to domain/virtual server/cpanel account.

Anyway, try the following… For your main virtual server, create additional users in Virtualmin>Edit Users>Add a user to this server or Add a website FTP access user

Give the new user access to multiple databases (or the parent virtualmin account database) and see if this works for your phpmyadmin.

I am not sure if this same process will work for users on different virtual servers…my instinct is that it should not for obvious reasons already mentioned above,