Phpmyadmin 403 forbidden error

Hi guys,
on one of my client virtual servers, i installed phpmyadmin (i was logged in as root on the webmin/virtualmin interface)

phpmyadmin installed and was running no problems and i was busy doing other stuff and left it in the background for a while. When i went back to it i got the following error and now i cannot use phpmyadmin for this virtual server with the same web browser (Google Chrome).


You don’t have permission to access this resource.

If I open a different web browser (say firefox) I can log into phpmyadmin again.

I dont want to have to clear cookies or browser cache…is there another way to fix this?

you need to read my edited post calport…you missed my point. I was busy doing other things then went back to delete a record and then this happened. It has nothing to do with deleting the record as such, rather it was because i left it sit for a while unused.

Now i also notice that in phpmyadmin, the virtual server owner does not have enough privilege to view users in phpmyadmin on a database on a virtual sub server!

what is a pain here is that if we create virtual sub servers in virtualmin, the primary user for the main virtual server is not automatically given enough privileges in the phpmyadmin install script to be able to properly manage the database.

the administration username is the correct one…and yet doesnt have the required privileges in phpmyadmin.

why is this? I have struck this before and it shouldnt happen this way!

i suspect it has something to do with me having been logged in as the server root user when i created the virtual sub server?

how do i fix this?

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