PHP7 to PHP8 upgrade issue

OS type and version ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5
Related packages not sure!

Hi all, I’m a linux so-so to moderate level guy. I’ve been wanting to upgrade my virtualmin/webmin setup from php7.4 to 8.x for a while. Having a few free hours this morning I tackled it and it seems to have gone fine, overall. Only problem I’ve noticed after the php8.2 upgrade is that Wordpress web sites (plugins) can’t write to their directories. I didn’t uninstall php7.4 yet but Apache is configured now to use 8.2. I assume I have to make some manual updates to some files somewhere in virtualmin but I don’t know where. I restarted Apache after upgrade but didn’t reboot server. Might someone point me in the right direction. I figure I’m so close there’s no point rolling back the VM to pre-upgrade status since nearly everything seems to be working.




Can you send a screenshot of any errors being produced? Also make sure you have all the relevant PHP “modules” required by WordPress for PHP 8.2 specifically as some may not have installed when you added the new version (each version of PHP has it’s own set of modules).

When you navigate to “Virtualmin > Server Configuration > PHP Options” and show “PHP Information” you can see something like:

The above server only has PHP 8.1.x" installed but if you have both PHP 8 and PHP 7 installed you’d see a list of modules for each.

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Howdy. I might have solved it. Went to virtualmin, chose a virtual server, server config, php options, set the php version to 8.2, changed php script execution mode from FCGId to FPM, saved. After that I was able to let a plugin attempt to update and it succeeded. So maybe that’ll do the trick. I haven’t poked into every webmin/virtualmin screen yet but so far so good.

To your point, I did compare all the php7 and php8 modules and tried to make sure the equivalent v8 mod was installed. I learned that some are now built into php. Thanks for that advice. There are still some php7 modules that don’t have the php8 equivalents. I have some work to do!

Thanks again for the assistance!


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True, some modules are either replaced between 7 and 8 or otherwise no longer available (perhaps not needed or deprecated). The idea however was to make sure you are crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s where a module may be needed that wasn’t installed by default when you installed the alternate version.

I’m glad to here you may have solved the problem however :slight_smile:

Let us know if you require any further assistance.

Hmm, there is no upgrade, you switch versions.
You did follow the docs

stefan1959 is correct, you should be looking to switch the PHP version. Since you’re on Ubuntu, you can follow these instructions,