PHP5 on CentOS 4.5

Hello, I seem to be having trouble with the Install Scripts function after installing php5 on my system using the VM packages. For example when installing WebCalendar I get the message:

"PHP module mysql is required …"

is there a recommended way to remove php4 and make php5 the default on the system?


Here’s a list of my installed packages currently.

$ sudo yum list | grep php
php.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php-domxml.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php-gd.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php-imap.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php-ldap.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php-mbstring.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php-mysql.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php-odbc.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php-pear.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php-pgsql.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php-snmp.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php-xmlrpc.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm installed
php5.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-cli.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-common.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-devel.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-gd.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-imap.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-ldap.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-mbstring.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-mysql.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-odbc.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-pdo.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-pgsql.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-snmp.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-soap.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-xml.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
php5-xmlrpc.i386 5.2.2-3vm installed
wbm-php-pear.noarch 2:1.2-1 installed
fcgi-wrappers.noarch 1.0-1.php4def virtualmin
php-devel.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm virtualmin
php-ncurses.i386 4.3.9-3.32.5.vm virtualmin
php5-bcmath.i386 5.2.2-3vm virtualmin
php5-dba.i386 5.2.2-3vm virtualmin
php5-ncurses.i386 5.2.2-3vm virtualmin