PHP4 and PHP5 in the same server

I would like to know how i can install php4 and php5 on 1 server.
I’ve seen there is a php version tab, to manage this, so is it possible ?

It’s works !

Well, I can’t really recommend installing PHP4 any longer… it reached it’s end of life in 2007… 6 years ago… meaning it hasn’t received a bugfix or security update in 6 years.

There may be a point in the future where Virtualmin stops supporting this configuration, because of how risky an idea it is :slight_smile:

But, it is still currently possible to do that… what you’d need to do is find a PHP4 .rpm or .deb that can install alongside the PHP5 version on your distro.

Once you install that, Virtualmin should automatically detect it and offer to use it.