PHP Zip module same as Zip Archive?


I’ve installed a Wordpress Theme who requires PHP Zip Module and I don’t find any info about it.

I have this message: It requires PHP Zip module but it is not enabled on your server.

Is it the same as ZIP Archive? if yes, which one I have to install?

If no, where I can find the correct module to install?

Or anything I have to enable in the PHP Configuration file?

PHP Version 7.3.31
Debian 10

It is a software package you have to install. Typically, you use the command:
sudo apt-get install php-zip

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Thanks! So I have installed php7.3-zip via the Package Manager of Webmin and it seems okay but I still have the message in Wordpress that the PHP Zip module is not enabled. I tried hard refreshing the page but had no luck.

Is there a configuration I have to check to see if it’s enabled?

It’s okay! I have had to go into the Other Settings of the PHP Configuration to enable " Compress output with zlib?"

Seems good! Thanks @Gomez_Adams !

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That has absolutely nothing at all to do with what he’s dealing with. You really should delete that post. He’s not dealing with multiple versions of php.

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