php - Zend installed?

Is it possible to make Zend a standard component? It’s a nice thing to have, and some tools, like AgileBilling, need it to decode their stuff.


Hey Harry,

Where does Zend come from? I don’t see any zend-related packages in the Red Hat or Fedora or SUSE repositories. The PHP site seems to indicate that the “Zend engine” is at the core of PHP itself, so I’m not sure what to make of it.

I think what he means is Zend Optimizer. It is a free download, there is also a pay version. It is in most distrobutions’ repositories. I know it is in the Red Hat repos as well as the debian/ubuntu repos.

Hey guys,

Ok, Zend Optimizer is something I can find, but it is proprietary software. I don’t think we can distribute it via our own repository.

Here’s the Zend Optimizer FAQ:

Specifically, we care about this one:

Is the Zend Optimizer source code open or closed?

The Zend Optimizer’s source code is closed. It is proprietary technology owned by Zend Technologies Ltd. Users are required to agree to the[a href=“”>Zend Optimizer license</a> before download.

I am going over the license now, to see if there is a legal way we can provide some mechanism to automatically install it.

You don’t absolutely need to use Zend optimizer if you want php acceleration, there are open source alternatives including phpa (phpaccelerator) and turck-mmcache (which the author went and got employed by Zend).

I personally use turck-mmcache.


I believe the original poster’s request was regarding distributed software that[Strong>requires</Strong> Zend in order to install and run, not how to accelerate your own PHP code. An example of this was AgileBill, the primary web hosting billing application that ties into Virtualmin. However, AgileCo no longer supports Zend anyway, and Joe has indicated that it is proprietary and can’t be redistributed, so this is a moot point.

Incidentally, now AgileBill requires only IonCube instead:

Be sure to get the latest ioncube loaders before starting. We upgraded our encoders to the latest version and the new encoded scripts no longer work with some older ioncube loaders out there so see to that before getting started. ( We will no longer be offering any Zend versions.