PHP versions not available after upgrading to 7 and Debian 11

  1. I upgraded Virtualmin to 7
  2. I upgraded Debian to 11

PHP versions for existing sites are no more available in Virtualmin despite all FPM versions are running. The existing websites works fine anyhow. When creating a new site/domain FPM is not availble. Pls see below images.

First image is from Dashboard

This image is from existing site.

This image is from when I try to create a new site

And the system

As far as I know Virtualmin 7 is not officially supported on Debian 11. There is a thread dedicated to Debian 11 but the VM team did not make any official announcement of a release. Anyway thank you for finding bugs. They must be reported to solve any issues for those who want to install “the new” OS. As a huge fan of CentOS in the last year I started to like Debian more. I am running all VM installations on Debian 10 without any issues.

Here is the discussions thread for VM7 + Debian 11:

Joe wrote the below in another thread

“Upgrading a Virtualmin 6 system to Debian 11 has been reported to work fine. I wouldn’t expect any issues. It’s just installation on Debian 11 that isn’t yet supported (and will require a new install script).
But, then again, I haven’t tested it myself. Maybe the person who reported success does not use FTP (seems likely even, as it’s become pretty rarely used) and so didn’t notice that problem.”

My intepretation was that it could be possible to upgrade existing systems, but I was wrong then?

If you check the official download page of Virtualmin you will find that Debian 11 is not among the Grade A operating systems. Debian is mentioned as version 10, Ubuntu 20.04. In that thread we talk about an testing implementation but it is far from saying that there are no problems. Here it is since you discovered one and it will have to be analyzed by the developers.

If the server is in production you made a mistake to upgrade it at this moment. Debian 9 can be used for a while after its LTS end in June 2022 and Debian 10 has LTS until June 2024. Personally, I do not encourage any upgrade from one system to another because there are always small issues that do not I anticipated.

Hmm… I have a snapshot of the VPS so I could go back to it, but as the sites are running, I think I’ll stay like this untill all is ready and then I make a new, clean, installation.

But it took me quite a long time to do the transfer!

My advice is to wait maybe someone from the development team will reproduce the issue and can offer you a solution.

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I did the exact same upgrade, but for testing purposes on a sandbox server. Just like @ADDISON74 I wouldn’t recommend to do that on a production server. As a matter of fact, I never make any major Debian upgrade on production systems, I really prefer to start over on an freshly installed server (and I am therefore among the many VM users who are impatiently waiting for the new installation script).

With that said, the upgrade to Debian 11 was rather messy, it took ages … but it finally worked and I don’t see any particular problems with the PHP options: I can choose and change the versions of PHP (8 installed) without any problem. Did you try a “Re-check Configuration”? What does it tell?

Thanks for the input. I will do a fresh install when the scripts comes: i’ve learned a lesson

About the Re-check, there were some hickups I manged to solve, but the below I don’t know how to handle. libapache2-mod-fcgid is installed and the fcgid checkbox in Apache module list is checked. Do you have any idea about what to do?

The following PHP versions are available : 7.3.33 (/bin/php-cgi7.3), 8.0.18 (/bin/php-cgi8.0), 8.1.5 (/bin/php-cgi8.1)

The following PHP-FPM versions cannot be used : 5.6.40 (Apache module mod_fcgid is missing or not enabled) 7.0.33 (Apache module mod_fcgid is missing or not enabled) 7.1.33 (Apache module mod_fcgid is missing or not enabled) 7.2.34 (Apache module mod_fcgid is missing or not enabled) 7.3.33 (Apache module mod_fcgid is missing or not enabled) 7.4.29 (Apache module mod_fcgid is missing or not enabled) 8.0.18 (Apache module mod_fcgid is missing or not enabled) 8.1.5 (Apache module mod_fcgid is missing or not enabled)

It’s working!!!

The libapache2-mod-fcgid were missing so Apache couldn’t start and casued an error so I took away fcgid.load in available modules, and then I could start Apache. Finally I understood that I should install libapache2-mod-fcgid but I then forgot to reinstall fcgid.load. After reinstalling fcgid.load and installing libapache2-mod-fcgid everything works just fine.

But there where a number of Debian packages missing, maybe 6 or 7 that I had to install manually after upgrading to Debian 11.

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