Php version 5.6.40 on Virtualmin

And you were doing it WRONG.

Joe recommended that because CentOS still keeps php 5 on hand, so it’s about the ONLY option he has that’s even REMOTELY secure. NO OTHER OS DOES THAT.

What you did was offer up COMPLETELY UNSECURE OPTIONS that countered everything Joe told him to do for SECURITY REASONS.

Read that about 10 times and see if it sinks in.

As a php coder, I can say there are some functions removed from earlier versions of php and some introduced it would be advisable to make use of the new functions provided if nothing else the code is more readable by another coder php 5x was ok in it’s day but not up to provide robust applications in this day and age. in the long run it will be less problematic to install a modern OS and fix the declaration errors that old php fail on and upgraded syntax where required

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Never done it, just found it in a google search. By the video they use docker image I think.
Haven’t seen a negative review about it, and they say it does a amazing job. Also why do someing manually when you have a computer to do the job. Just thinking chatGTP could help as well. Of course backup before implementing it.
Just waiting for the response from that suggestion.

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