PHP scripts don't execute with owner permissions on subdomains?


I’ve got a subdomain on my server, which looks like this:

Now it seems that the PHP scripts on the subdomain don’t execute with owner permissions, because all the files are chmodded to allow them to be written to by the owner of the files, however every PHP script outputs a chmod error about not being able to write to those files. I’m guessing that the scripts are executed under the user of the top level domain, and that that user hasn’t got owner rights for all of the subdomains. It is a real pain, because I was planning to write a file manager in PHP, but in order to do that I would now have to chmod all my files to be allowed to be written to by anyone, and that could pose a major security risk on my server.

So if anyone would be willing to help, I’d greatly appreciate it.


What PHP Execution Mode are those using?

You can determine that by going into Server Configuration -> Website Options.

Also, if you go into System Settings -> Re-Check Config, does it detect any problems?