PHP script execution mode on C8 - options?

hello -

i used to see the following server-config–>website options when configuring a VS on C6 & 7:

Run CGI scripts as domain owner?   (yes/no)  

PHP script execution mode
	Apache mod_php (run as apache user)
	CGI wrapper (run as virtual server owner)
	FCGID (run as virtual server owner)

now i am only seeing this, and its no longer an option, rather its a pre-selected option:

PHP script execution mode FPM (run as virtual server owner)

did the CGI wrapper option disappear as an option because of something C8 is doing?

i am thinking i may need to determine what are the possible issues i may run into by running everything fast-cgi, other than probably needing to restart php-fpm frequently.

both the C7 & C8 are running virtualmin 6.12.

Why!!! Why would you need to restart php-fpm frequently? I mean… just… why?!
PHP-FPM is actually wonderful, such as the HHVM machine, some of the best php performers out there.

PHP7.4 will probably outperform both from what I’ve seen, but heck, I have all my servers with php-fpm.

A killer feature that is missing from Virtualmin is an NGINX+Apache Setup, having the nginx on the frontend serving static contents (which is done with a great performance and less resource consumption) and having apache handling the rest on the background.

cPanel has a plugin for this called Engintron, most web panels already have this out of the box. I’m curious to see how long will it take for Virtualmin to make it available.

Why would you need to restart php-fpm frequently? I mean… just… why?!

i have never used it (yet)… but i figure since apache needs to be restarted frequently perhaps maybe same with php-fpm - but please note that i am speaking from sheer ignorance.

Hi @edwardsmarkf, sorry for this comment but if you need to restart apache frequently there must be some serious configuration issues with that.

I had to make apache restart frequently once maybe around a couple of years ago because of a problem of php7 module and both mpm_worker OR mpm_event would cause memory leaks with a given application (I actually don’t recall all the exact details by now).
I solved it removing the mod_php from apache and using php-fpm with mpm_event fine tuned. I couldn’t rest until I had this issue fixed, because the sole thought of the need of a cron to restart apache caused me the chills (twice a day, every 12 hours).

So, I believe you have an underlying problem and you should address it first. PHP-FPM is awesome (until it is no more) and definitely you should not consider normal having to restart Apache frequently.

This is covered in the announcement of CentOS 8 support: Virtualmin support for CentOS 8

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