PHP present in Webmin but not in Virtualmin after correcting module config


I’m trying to get to grips with hosting a PHP app under Virtualmin GPL, and have fallen at the first hurdle!

I don’t see any reference to PHP on the Virtualmin side, and when I went to look at the Webmin module I found that the module config was out of date - it referenced PHP4 and Apache 1.x, so I checked the locations of the various ini files, updated the module config and it now finds the ini files and looks happy.

However, changing that has not affected the Virtualmin side - I understand from the docs that I should see the PHP module in “services” under my site, but I don’t see anything PHP-ish.

I have a nasty feeling this is me being a PHP/Virtualmin n00b, but either way I’d be grateful if someone could hit me with a clue stick…

Edit: Sorry, should have said that this is under Ubuntu 8.04.




Hrm, I’m not sure I understand the problem you’re trying to solve :slight_smile:

What isn’t working for you, specifically?

Normally, when you perform an installation of Virtualmin using the script, you’d have a system that would work with PHP out of the box.

So if something isn’t working, maybe we can talk through what the problem is, as there’s quite possible a simple/straight-forward fix for that.

Before you go too much further though, what Virtualmin version are you using? And how did you install Virtualmin, was it using the script?


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m not sure if this server was setup using or by installing webmin and then adding virtualmin, TBH. My webmin version is 1.500, and Virtualmin is 3.76 GPL.

I expected PHP to be working, uploaded a test file , and when I went to the test URL the file was downloaded instead of executed, so I’ve been working back from there.

In the Virtualmin side, I see no references to PHP at any point - the docs indicate that I should see a “PHP Configuration” module under Services for each domain, but it’s not there.

Having got no traction on the Virtualmin side, I went to the webmin menu, and it was there that i discovered and corrected the PHP4/Apache 1.x values to PHP5/Apache 2.x values.

Webmin now sees the PHP module as configured, but Virtualmin is unchanged.

Edit: Coming back to this, it is clear that part of my problem is that I’m not sure what I /should/ be seeing, which is making my problem report less clear than it should be. I’ll fire up a Hardy VM and do a clean install, so that I can identify how my problem machine differs.




I’ll fire up a Hardy VM and do a clean install, so that I can identify how my problem machine differs.

Okay, sounds like a plan!

Whenever you go to install Virtualmin, I highly recommend using the script to do so (available in the Download link above). It’ll install/configure everything you need out of the box.