php not working

Hi, how do I re-install/configure php, it is not working on my server. if you go to it is supposed to be site using the user content management system nuke evolution, but instead it just comes to a blank page. I did the phpinfo.php and and everything looks good, but it isn’t serving the php sites, anyone know how I can resolve this?


correction, it seems to be working on my other sites, but not, I need to get it working on that site, any ideas?<br><br>Post edited by: anwoke8204, at: 2009/01/06 16:26


The log file for your domain may contain more information that might help troubleshoot the problem.

The error log is stored in $HOME/logs/error_log.

There could be a missing PHP module, or maybe a configuration parameter for your site that needs tweaked – those sorts of things would often show up in the error_log.

everything appears to be ok, it turns out it was a file permissions error