Php.ini not working or not being read

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04.2


I am using PHP 7.4.3 that came installed by default with Virtualmin, and I have changed “upload_max_filesize” to 100M.

I have gone to webmin->tools->PHP configuration->Resource limits logged in as the web user and as root, and changed the main php.ini as well as the one being used by that site only, and when I open the phi.ini file the changes made are there, but I think the file is not being recognized.

phpinfo(); tells me that max filesize is 100MB, but when I try to uplolad a plugin from within Wordpress I still get the alert that I am not allowed to upload such large files.

Any suggestions?



I would recommend checking virtual server Apache Error Log right upon upload failure, under Logs and Report section.

Moreover, check other directives, such as:


Thanks Ilia,

I did check the error logs wth tail -f and nothing was shown.

At the end, I decided to reinstall Virtualmin and try Debian 10, now PHP.ini works.

Wordpress installs a php.ini in the /home/username/etc and this will override what you have set in the OS’s /etc/php/php.ini. I found out this the hard way as well.

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