PHP GD Fix Issue and updates

I’m running drupal on a few of my virtualmin installs, all under ubuntu 8. This is probably a ubuntu question, but maybe someone here can help and I don’t have to get lost in the ubuntu forums :slight_smile: (Thanks in advance.)

I’ve followed these instructions :

which add the dotdeb packages to the standard ones in order to fix an issue with drupal wanting a newer version of php-gd than is in the default install. I now have dotdeb versions of a few packages including most of the php ones.

My questions : Is it ok to now remove the dotdeb resources, or do they have to stay there? It’s now telling me that there are updates for other things (mysql etc) but it won’t install them via virtualmin without erroring.

In a nutshell is it worth going down this path, or should I just go back to what I had before…



Well, you need to be careful when using a non-standard PHP version… packages that don’t come with your distribution aren’t as well tested.

However, I agree that you probably don’t want to upgrade mysql and those other goodies.

You could disable the dotdeb repo, and only enable it on occasion in order to perform PHP upgrades.

Another option would be to keep dotdep enabled, but to use something like apt’s “pinning” in order to only grab PHP packages from it.