PHP-FPM option not available for restored servers


Strange issue today while I’m trying to migrate a VPS from Ubuntu 16.04 to 20.04. Virtualmin is working fine, PHP-FPM is available as an option while I create a new server. But as soon as I restore the backups from 16.04 the PHP-FPM option is not even showing and I can’t enable it for the restored servers.

Any clue?


Exactly the same issue here. Migrating from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04.

i cannot find any feature to activate PHP-FPM

any help appreciated!

hi, my solution was to first re-create all the domains and the FPM mode was enabled. Then just run the restore function of the domains and this way they kept the FPM mode active.

Had the same issue and found the bug:

There are config files per virtual server here: /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains/ and named as a long number.

When migrating to another server or restoring on a fresh (and newer) installed OS, you probably have a updated PHP version. Look in these files for the line beginning with php_fpm_version.

In my case the fresh install was equipped with PHP 7.4 while the old system was running PHP 7.2.
The restored vserver had in it’s config file php_fpm_version=7.2 which was not found on the new system. I corrected it to php_fpm_version=7.4, saved it and went to Virtualmin > Website Options and the option to select PHP-FPM appeared.


Well spotted, @brainf. Thanks for letting us know.

What a debut post this is! Welcome to the community.

I opened a ticket. That’s a bug-like behavior in Virtualmin.

I noticed something similar months ago on CentOS 8 after installing an extra PHP version. PHP-FPM pool files weren’t adjusting to the new version but moving and editing them as @brainf mentioned fixed it.

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