PHP-FPM isn't included in server status

OS type and version: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, VirtualMin 6 wih LEMP bundle. REQUIRED

Hi, while my friend’s virtualmin server has all services monitored, my server didn’t have PHP-FPM monitor for some reason. Previously i update Nginx and PHP using 's repository.

@FlutterHoney and ? - what do you want from forums or virtualmin community ? btw no one knows your friend virtualmin setup… please elaborate.

How to add PHP-FPM back to monitoring?

@FlutterHoney well we do not know what monitoring software you using so no help here yet…also next time try screenshot of full screen as partial would not say details…

What you see on the dashboard is not monitoring - that term has a different meaning, but I am able to understand what it is that you wish to know: in the dashboard the status of (a version of) PHP-FPM will show when it is used by a virtual server, so your friend likely has a few of his virtual servers / domains using PHP-FPM and his dashboard shows an appropriate entry in the Server Status section. The reason you do not see it is perhaps because none of your virtual servers / domain are using (that version of) PHP-FPM: they might be using FCGid instead of PHP-FPM.

You can go to Virtualmin → Server Configuration → PHP Options to check which execution mode a virtual server / domain is using. You do not need to do anything to add PHP-FPM to the Server Status section of the dashboard. It will list automatically if any of your virtual server use it.

I have one using it.

This is proof that you have a virtual server configured to use PHP-FPM, but is the virtual server being actively used or is it dormant? If it is dormant (I see a defunct website on that domain) then, of course, PHP-FPM will not show on the Server Status section of the Dashboard.

I suggest you configure one of your actively used websites for PHP-FPM, wait a minimum of five minutes (the default interval for Virtualmin to poll for update of status) and then check the Dashboard again.

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