PHP-FPM config file generation template


I’m a new guy starting to use Virtualmin. Just started weeks ago and I’m starting to really like it. Quite addicting. I love it’s flow and the way it works.

If someone can provide any input on this it would be great. I believe that there are quite a few threads about it, and those are:

In this second one there are more ref ones.

Setup is php-fpm via socks. I wasn’t able to find anywhere template that is creating php-fpm .conf files for individual servers. I am able to solve it “by hand” with replacing that template or running script after .conf, but that is a workaround. I am able to use this option to add ADDITIONAL code to the .conf file:

However, it would be AMAZING to have option like this for php-fpm configuration in Server Templates:

Where you would be able to create your own template file for php-fpm. Default ones can be included just like that, it would be simply amazing to have it as an option.

I hope that this makes sense. Does anyone know a way of achieving this or that is not possible right now? If not, I think it would be perfect addition to Virtualmin. :slight_smile:

under Server Templates → (default or any other you use) settings → PHP Options , there is “Additional FPM pool options”. you can add any conf for inclusion there, eg.:
include = /etc/php/7.x/fpm/custom.conf
so far, i’ve found no way to stop virtualmin defaults “pm=dynamic, etc” from loading, other by manual removal (hand/script). maybe this get configurable in future Virtualmin versions.

Thank you for your input on this. We’ve got to the pretty much same point regarding that setting.

I’ve decided to go with simple script that runs on any server modification and applies settings that I’d like. It simply makes backup of originally created .conf, removes original config, replace it with other and reloads php-fpm.

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