PHP FCGId broken after update - had to change to FPM

Operating system: Ubuntu Linux 18.04.5
Webmin version 1.973
Virtualmin version 6.15

after update to my current version I noticed strange problems. Two sites stopped working. After checking I noticed that service php-FCGId for those sites was not running. Also script “/etc/init.d/” was missing. Temporary fix was to switch to PHP-FPM execution mode.

Same happens when I add new site / virtual server. By default it wants to use php-fcgi but the script in /etc/init.d is missing and site doesn’t work.

Any ideas why php-fcgi scripts are not created? It also doesn’t create if i switch back from FPM to fcgid.

Thank you!


Please check that you have latest packages installed. Virtualmin version 6.16 and Virtualmin Nginx module version 2.22.

Any ideas why php-fcgi scripts are not created?

Latest Nginx Virtualmin module switched to creating systemd services in favor of init.d.

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thank you that helped. If I understand correctly system now uses both init.d and system.d

Old scripts in init.d/php-fcgi* are still controlled by init.d service manager and newly created sites are already controlled by new systemd?

Yes, correct. Newly created virtual servers will have a systemd service created (for FCGI). If you toggle execution PHP mode it will change to systemd as well.

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