Php extensions into my application

OS type and version Almalinux 9.2
Webmin version 2101

I need to insert two php extensions into my application. The request is intl and imagick.
What is the best way to achieve this?
I’ve noticed that in some cases the script installation already does these installations and in others it doesn’t.
Thank you for your advice.

Your package manager would be first choice. I know imagick is kinda standard. I’d do a web search to see what package provides them. imagick should be easy but intl could produce a lot of hits in the package manager.

Thank you!
I found and adapted the knowledge:

dnf -y install php80-php-intl
dnf -y install php81-php-intl

dnf -y install php80-php-imagick
dnf -y install php81-php-imagick

This topic has not yet been fully resolved.
See below for system information:

Checking PHP modules …

Installing recommended PHP ssh2 module …
… skipped, not available in repos
Installing recommended PHP pecl-ssh2 module …
… module was installed but cannot be loaded
Installing recommended PHP imagick module …
… skipped, not available in repos
Installing recommended PHP pecl-imagick module …
… skipped, not available in repos

Those aren’t errors. Virtualmin tries to install the same module under a bunch of different names because every OS and version has different naming conventions; they are not all expected to exist. We should probably be more clear about what’s happening, though, as it’s a common thing that confuses folks.

Thanks for your verification Joe.