Php-curl installed but not working on website

OS type and version Debian Linux 10
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3-1
Related packages Drupal 7.92

Webmin package search shows

curl 7.64.0-4+deb10u3
ibcurl3-gnutls 7.64.0-4+deb10u3
libcurl4 7.64.0-4+deb10u3
php-curl 8.2+93+0~20221211.45+debian10~1.gbpdb4dcc
php8.2-curl 8.2.0-1+0~20221208.9+debian10~1.gbp03fa1d

I have removed the comment from the extension=curl, restared Apache but I still do not have the extension loaded.

How do I fix this?

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