Php 7 intl extension not working

Hi, I have installed the above extension, the script I am trying to install (moodle 3.4) keeps reporting it isn’t installed or enabled.

Plugin	Status

php_extension intl
must be installed and enabled
Intl extension is required to improve internationalization support, such as locale aware sorting and international domain names.

I installed the extension using the following command:

yum install php70-php-soap php70-php-intl

I have restarted both apache and php-fpm. but it continues to report its not installed or enabled.

I am running the latest virtualmin on centos 7.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get this to work?


What is the “Version” selected for “Default Website Directory” at:

Virtualmin > Server Configuration > PHP Versions

I have the same problem. the default php configured in virtualmin for me is 7