Php 7 > 7.2/3/4 with php-fpm on Virtualmin on Ubuntu 16.04

Hi all,

I’ve been trying all day to upgrade our WordPress server running PHP 7 with php-fpm on Virtualmin on Ubuntu 16.04 to a newer version of PHP. I’m frustrated as all I seem to be able to do reliably is take our production server down. I end up with WordPress being down, or errors (which seem to have more to do with php-fpm not running, or something not pointing to the right place).

Looks like there were a whole bunch of issues – a while back with 7.0 > 7.2 and Virtualmin and maybe other things too. Does any one have a foolproof way of doing this? I’ve spent an entire day on it, and I give up.

The only option I can think of is ridiculous – to build a new server on 18.04, and migrate. But, there’s so much that could go wrong there, I really don’t want to do that while I’m under such a time crunch.

Any help appreciate.


What errors you got ?

btw, I will not try to upgrade a production server risking downtime fro my services, maybe you can copy it > upgrade the copy > switch to production
or you can go for a new server taking the opportunity to upgrade the server to a new LTS considering that 16.04 will have end of standard support in April

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