Php 7.4 on debian 10

How to install cleany php 7.4 on debian 10 ?
Because after install on a fresh Debian 10 and Virtualmin, it download application/x-httpd-php instead of running app!
I’ve tried this :

find /etc/apache2 -type f | xargs grep -i sethandler

Look for any lines like the following:

SetHandler application/x-httpd-php

There could be more than one – comment them all out, and then restart Apache.

But still the same issue !!!
Thank for help


In case it’s Virtualmin 6.08 you would need to patch it in order for it to see PHP 7.4, besides few extra steps are needed:

  1. Re-check Configuration, after installing PHP 7.4
  2. Then select FPM or FCGId execution mode from Website Options page
  3. Then choose the default PHP version from PHP Versions page

Thanks for anwser…solved