Php 5.6 on Ubuntu 20

Ubuntu 20.04.3
Webmin 1.981
Virtualmin 6.17-3
PHP version 7.4

Hi, I tried to install a gaming CMS but it fails with my current PHP version (7.4)
I got this response from their support

Please try to switch PHP 5.6 with MySQL for the database and then strictly follow installation instructions.

Is it possible to install this version for a single website on ubuntu 20

many thanks

It is wrong and long way. Install standard PHP 5.6 package on system, and switch specified virtualhost to her. Here Ubuntu PPA: , if not in our system.

PHP5.6!? really. I would switch gaming CMS for sure.

Yes, that is also true, but it is not always possible immediately. But yes, if I am installing something new, then the most current version of that program. And if the most current version is the one that depends on php 5.6, I would watch out for that program and consider installing it.

Thanks, I will need to use this CMS so I will use another hosting provider to run 5.6 for the time being.
If all goes well I will put it on its own VPS

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