PHP 5.6 is not running according to the dashboard

OS type and version ubuntu 18.04
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3-1 Pro
Related packages SUGGESTED


I’ve just updated everything to the newest versions of Virtualmin and I’ve encountered two problems. According to the virtualmin dashboard my PHP 5.6 is not running. I had rebooted because previously it indicated that my PHP 7.4 was not running. I tested some programs that I know are running under PHP 5.6 and they seem to be running fine… But when I click to button ro run the PHP version it seems to do nothing.
Is this an indication error, or is there really something going on with the server?

I’ve also noticed that when I reboot the cloudinit fails. I don’t know if these are related or not.

Please let me know what the best way to fix the problem may be.

Thanks in advance!

Dan Lewis

Here is a screen shot of the cloudinit failure upon reboot

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