PHP 5.5 version not displayed on certain domains

Hello, I have php 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 installed (SCL repo) on a CentOS 6.6 server and Virtualmin (fully updated) is detecting them properly via Re-Check Configuration:

<<<The following PHP versions are available : 5.3.3 (/usr/bin/php-cgi), 5.4.16 (/opt/rh/php54/root/usr/bin/php-cgi), 5.5.6 (/opt/rh/php55/root/usr/bin/php-cgi)>>>

On a couple of domains the link for the php configuration in the left menu is showing ok, under Services. On another 5 or so domains that have 5.5.6 enabled, the link for 5.5 doesn’t show. Only for 5.3 and 5.4. But the 5.5 version is in use for those domains as confirmed by phpinfo.

Refreshed/loged in and out, cleared the browser cache, restarted webmin, restarte apache and so on - nothing. Thought than it was theme related so switched back to Framed theme. No luck. Back to Authentic theme. Same. It has been a day now. Will restart the server for a kernel upgrade tonight anyway and see if anything changes.

What could be wrong here? Any ongoing bug? No other problems on this side. I can edit ini files by hand no problem, but I rather do it in the web panel, along with other tasks. Also my clients should be able to do it also.



Hmm, does that issue occur even when logged in as the root user? If root is allowed to make those changes, but not the Virtual Server owner, it could be some sort of permission issue.