Personal Page Creation Module?

Is there some sort of Personal Webpage Creation Module that works with Webmin or Virtualmin? That would be a nice thing to have for those offering hosting.


Hey Harry,

I think so, too. I’ve been looking at some of the existing “rich text” HTML widgets out there, and I think integrating something like that into Webmin and Usermin would be a good start. Beyond that there are a lot of commercial template-based website design products, which we might look into doing some kind of integration with.

Do you have any recommendations in this area of packages you like? (Commercial or Open Source)

I’ve “widgetized” a couple of html editors for use with Coldfusion, the one i had the best results with was htmlArea -[a href=“”></a> which is available on a BSD license. It allows for connection to an external file manager using the serverside language of your choice.

Their date picker is also incredible

thats wrong it should be htmlArea from

Unfortunately, just going to their site makes Safari crash (Mac web browser), and while it certainly opens in Firefox, I would generally not trust any web content developers that can’t write cross-platform code that doesn’t crash browsers.

Yeah, their site is a bit of a DHTML overload. As for cross-platform code, its a real problem when it comes to WYSIWYG editors, i’ve tried many of them and have never found one that didnt have its quirks. The only truly platform independant ones require a java applet and thats generally not acceptable either.

However you do have a point about crashing the browser, its one thing to write code for a set of target browsers, but it should degrade nicely and not crash unsupported browsers.

Seems as though you found the solution though… use firefox and make the web a better place!

> Seems as though you found the solution though…
> use firefox and make the web a better place!

I don’t mean to make this an ideological battleground, but having to specify to any users to force them to use a non-standard (or non-platform native/specific) browser, just to perform their tasks does NOT make the web a better place.

If I’m going to start forcing my browser choice on my users, I might as well just make it Internet Explorer, which originated this practice – and that certainly does not make the web a safer place :slight_smile:


I think you missed my point, i meant that firefox is a compliant browser, and as all browsers move towards a more unified, standards compliant mode then these problems will hopefully start to disappear. Thats what will make the web a better place, i doubt it will ever be safe tho :wink: