Permission Problems When Using Webmin To Set Permissions

OS type and version Debian Server 11
Webmin version Webmin 2.021

Hi I was wondering if i could get some advise pls. I am running webmin on my debian server 11 and i usually use webmin as a filemanager. I also have xcfe installed on my debian server so it does have a gui via vnc. I have a jellyfin media server and I have noticed that when even i change permissions and using the option recursive all. that my actual media files have the check box ticked to allow the file to run as a program. I have tested a few times after adding new files, and this box only gets ticked when i use webmin to change the folder and file permissions…

I am using permissons 0775 and have tried 0774. basically i was owner with rwx, user with rwx and other with r or rx and thats all. I dont want the file to run as a program which seems to be a security risk. I have quiet a big library of media files, and would take me for ever to go in 1 by 1 and manually change them. is there a command i could use to do this in bulk, and how would i use the perrmisson option next time so that will only change the permission as stated above and not allow the file to run as a program.

Thanks and hopefully this is fixable.

Only because no one else has touched this.

Evidently you don’t want to make a directory non executable.

Execute (x)
This permission is very different on directories compared to files. Essentially, you can think of it as providing access to the directory. Having execute permission on a directory authorizes you to look at extended information on files in the directory (using ls -l, for instance) but also allows you to change your working directory (using cd) or pass through this directory on your way to a subdirectory underneath.

Lacking execute permission on a directory can limit the other permissions in interesting ways. For example, how can you add a new file to a directory (by leveraging the write permission) if you can’t access the directory’s metadata to store the information for a new, additional file? You cannot. It is for this reason that directory-type files generally offer execute permission to one or more of the user owner, group owner, or others.

Are you using the GUI to try and change files or directories?

Hi and thanks for the reply, no i am using webmin for my permissions, I find it easier that way. sometimes i use terminal. never vnc because it doesnt realy work via vnc not properly anyway.
But my issue isnt the actual directories. its the actual video files like mkv files for example. when i change jellyfin folder to 0775 everything is fine… but then i notice that the program checkbox below the owner, group and other permissons is checked, the option allowing this file to run as a program… and this only happens when i change the permissions via webmin and i select recursive all option…
so it changes permissions for jellyfin directory and sub directories and files in it. but it shouldnt be changing program option to allow this file to run as a program… this is my issue.

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