permission file 666 don't execcute

I have a problem that I can not solve, in the panel virtualmin can set permissions subdirectories as I like, so those are ok, while the files AFTER AVERLI CARICATI through proftpd I can not give him rights escuione automatically, maximum I give him 666 while me that I would like them caricasse to 777, in practice I can not give him all the permits.

holetto around that the value umask for files beginning at 666 and not 777 as folders.

how can I do? there is a point where virtualmin can set the permessididefault for files as directories?

If I can help there would be grateful.
I can not solve.

thanks to all.

in virtualmin-system settings-server template-click default settings-navigate to apache website- there is "Permissions on website subdirectory"

there is also webmin-servers-proftpserver-and in the edit config files is a line

Umask 022 is a good standard umask to prevent new dirs and files

from being group and world writable.

Umask 022

per haps this will work?

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excusme but my english is not good and i don’t understand all.


ok but the permessei files I remain at a maximum of 666 or I want them to 777.
how can I do?
for folders ok.

If you don’t understand english then you are in a load of trouble – it’s all we use here and if you can’t read/understand english then why are you asking in english? Pointless isn’t it?