Perl Execution error on cron module after upgrade to 21.09.1

OS type and version Debian 12
Webmin version 2.101
Authentic Theme version 21.09.01


i receive the following error after upgrading to the latest authentic theme when creating/editing a cron job

I have downgraded the theme to 21.08 and it works as expected.

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Thanks a lot for the heads up! I have just released Authentic theme 21.09.2 to address this issue!

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I’m confused on version numbering.

Yesterday I was running v21.09:20 today I’m running v21.09.2 on my abacus 2 comes before 20
Screenshot 2023-10-27 141303
Screenshot 2023-10-27 141338

:joy: Yesterday it was build numbers, i.e. :20 and today it’s bug fix version release, i.e. third number .2 represents that. So version 21.09.2 is higher than 21.09:20, but version 21.09.2:10 (for example) would be higher than 21.09.2 (existing).

There were also minor versions releases in the past, like -2, e.g. 21.09.2-2, if combined with build number it would be 21.09.2-2:10 … yet 21.10 or 21.09.3 would be higher than any of those. However, I tend to no longer use those as it may be confusing.

Technically I should always use semantic versioning but I don’t always like to use semantic version like 21.09.0, so I just use 21.09 instead. And for possible bug fixes releases I just go with 21.09.1 or 21.09.2.

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