Perl error after webmin update

Ubuntu 16.04. Been running fine for years. Not sure of exact prior webmin version but it was only a couple updates behind. I had updated all my non important servers first with no issues. Then i get to main server and get perl error after login.
Update was successfull

as screenshot shows.

But when I hit return to webmin config… blank white page with
“Error - Perl execution failed
Undefined subroutine &main::authentic called at /usr/share/webmin/authentic-theme/index.cgi line 12”

I have restarted webmin, I have updated ubuntu. I have rebooted server.

That file above looks like this.

Any ideas? I have the default theme set to virtualmin framed theme, and the login window pops up, but after entering name/password, gives the above perl error. but the admin user I login with is using authentic theme. Possibly something to do with switching theme for the user. Is there a command line way to change the default theme to authentic? Thx


We are working on fixing it.

The work around is to set Authentic Theme to be default on /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf with its preroot=authentic-theme and restart Webmin.

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Yea. sorry, just found that. But I went the other way with “virtual-server-theme” for root.

Yes, what matters at the moment that theme_username and preroot_username cannot be set to different values (themes). I am discussing it with @JamieCameron on having a better fix for it. I think, we need to read Webmin config in to do it properly for authenticated users.

It’s been ongoing issue for the past years but now I understand the reason why it’s happening. This issue pops up if themes are very different, like Authentic Theme and any other theme. If themes are the same (having the same subs names and design) then the issue wouldn’t pop up because of theme cross-compatibility.

However, it’s still a bug in my opinion and should be fixed.

Guess I should switch to all Authentic. Only reason I dont, I have 1 module for ZFS that doesn’t like it. But its a user made module so not something you all can be expected to support.
Now that I know the issue, I can work around it.

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More details and discussion here.

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