performance questions cheapo dedicated server vs vps

i am thinking of moving from a dedicated server i have with interserver and to a vps at interserver. i host less than 20 sites and non are very high traffic … several are database driven wordpress and joomla sites.

i tried to attach a recent system info screen shot from my current dedicated server but it wouldn’t let me so here is a link to the screen shot.

i am probably gonna get 3 slices which would be
Storage 75GB
Memory 3072MB
Transfer 3TB

and from interservers website about vps servers: Hardware used inside host nodes will vary. Your VPS will be on CPU that are between 2.0 and 3.0GHz. Every 4 slices has access to 1 CPU core.
1-4 Slices - 1 CPU Core

will i see a major performance drop moving to the vps from the dedicated server?



VPS’s can work wonderfully, quite a few folks use those rather than paying for a dedicated server.

Do you know what kind of VPS technology they use – Xen, KVM, OpenVZ, or so?

Xen and KVM based VPS’s are what we’d recommend.


they offer kvm and openvz … kvm is a little more expensive but not much

Yeah if the price is affordable, I’d highly recommend the KVM based option.

There’s a lot of OpenVZ related problems we hear about… it seems easy to configure it in such a way that not all resources are guaranteed, which can cause processes to terminate unexpectedly.


I’ve had issues with VPS installations, network congestion, etc.

so if i go with kvm is the virtualmin/webmin installation pretty straightforward? i would need to migrate wordpress and joomla sites as well as straight html sites from the current dedicated server to the vps.

thanks for all your help


Yup, which ever option you go with, you can simply run the Virtualmin script to perform the installation. It should be nice and easy either way.

If you’ve installed Virtualmin on a dedicated server, it should work identically on a VPS (as long as there is enough RAM/resources).


Used quite a few VPS systems, for me, the hangup was always disk IO. Could never get enough. So, always use dedicated now, even el cheapo dedicated.

how much disk space does the average virtualmin/webmin installation use? i’m trying to decide how many slices of kvm vps i want to get. i’ve decided to experiment with a vps before i decide to move my client sites.