Per-domain certs for Webmin login.

I’m running Virtualmin GPL on a Debian 7 VPS, set up from and working well for almost a year now. I’m encountering a problem for the first time I think, because the circumstance simply hasn’t arisen until now.

I have a real SSL certificate for my server’s actual hostname for use in Webmin, Dovecot, Postfix, etc. This is completely functional ATM.

I now need to also have a different certificate for one of my hosted domains’ webmin login, so that people do not receive an SSL warning when visiting either or

Thus far I have only managed to make one or the other work. Is there a way to configure Webmin to use a different certificate per login domain?

Edit: I should probably clarify, I’m only using a single IP address, which hasn’t been an issue for Apache so far thanks to SNI.


You can have multiple SSL certificates in Webmin, but only when using more than one IP address.

With only one IP address, you are limited to one SSL certificate.

It is similar for Postfix, Dovecot, and Usermin – those all support more than one SSL certificate as well, but your server would need to have more than one IP address for that.