Paypal payment option

Dear Sales,

-Please add paypal option in the shopping cart for future purchases

-add new forums dedicated to sales

i have read some of the forums and went trough the payment and sent it to with the comments as stated in the posts and after 24hrs sent email to sales asking if there is a problem with the payment and now im using the last option to contact sales by creating a new topic in hops that ill get a reply after almost 2 days.

I understand that the team is busy specially within the process of fully integrating the cart and licence system to drupal7 (as per ur blog), please add the 2 points if possible for your customers convenience.



We’re happy to help! The best place to ask sales questions is either here in the Forums, or in the Support Tracker that’s available for Virtualmin Pro users (and potential users).

There unfortunately isn’t a Paypal payment option, though that’s something Joe is hoping to add in the near future. It’s not there quite yet though, sorry!


Dear Eric,

According to the post bellow i thought it was possible to do it the traditional email way:

May you advice if i should re-buy the licence from the site? and if possible to link to my account?

Paypal Transaction ID: 5YX553039A608061V

Sent on: April 5, 2016

Amount sent: $60.00 USD

Message in payment email: Please add 1 year 10 Domains Virtualmin Pro license to the following account: iNfLuEnCe



Well, that post is 8 years old :slight_smile:

But sure, we can make that work.

Just note that this process isn’t automated… you’ll need to create a support request each year to let us know that you’ve send the renewal payment through Paypal. Whenever you let us know, we’ll go ahead and apply it to your license.

I’ll handle creating your license shortly, it will show up in the Software Licenses tab of your account once it’s setup.



This should be all setup now, let us know if you experience any issues with your new license!


Dear Eric,

I appreciate your fast response and support

Thanks & Regards,