Passwordless virtualmin login

Doing support for clients. Want to login to sort things out. Don’t want to require users to provide us a password. I don’t wish us to change their password. We have root access on the server.

cpanel has this:

From root it creates a temporary login session. From there we’d be able to copy paste the url into a browser. Perform support. And leave our client to it.


That’s a good idea.

I’ll ask @Jamie if we can implement something like that. Seems like it’d be reasonable to generate a one-time login on the CLI using the webmin command and make it into a link that creates a session. Needs a little care to make it safe/secure, but many cloud services do something similar.

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This is a good idea. Meanwhile, are you aware that you can already Switch To Server’s Admin from root account?


I had no idea that was there. How have I missed that all along? LOL!

Sure, I could create something like that.

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I’ve implemented a new API command create-login-link that can be used to login as a domain owner without entering a password.


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