Passwordless authentication to webmin/virtualmin


After much work I finally succeeded into passwordless SSH login from OSX into my VPS’s (I still have to suppress password login although I might just hugely increment the password size for root, just in case …)

Anyway I’m now looking into virtualmin passwordless login :slight_smile: After some research, it seems that I have to look into “webmin->webmin users” where I shoud be able to choose for my user “Request Certificate” … however I do not have that option.
Further research shows that I should go into “Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Certificate Authority.” to create a CA … But here it says “Your Webmin server is already setup as a certificate authority. You can use this form to set it up again, but any certificates already issued to users will no longer work.”

My VPS already has a cert from an official CA, not self-signed, … is this interfering ? Should I create a cert for my user (not sure about this), or should I upload some kind of public key into a folder or file like I did for SSH (authorized_keys) … ? I’m lost :slight_smile:

Any help welcomed !


I haven’t actually attempted to set that up before… looking in Webmin Users, I don’t see a “Request Certificate” either.

However, under the “User interface options” section, I do see a “SSL certificate name” option… does that by chance do what you’re after?

I don’t think you need to setup a CA though, I wouldn’t use that option.



Not sure … My post was referencing this:

That’s the best/only discussion I could find about that subject, jcameron did participate, but I do not see how this applies to my setup, I am not sure if I can start my own CA for self-signed certs because I already have an official cert on that server and official certs I can use for login (which I did setup for SSH login). And anyway it says I already have a CA started …

Where is that “User interface options” section, couldn’t find it … must be blind :frowning:

I also checked the wiki but it goes the CA path, so I’m still wondering if a SSH-like way of doing things exists (like copying a pubic key in some file like authorized-keys for SSH) et just seeing that “Request certificate” appear when there is a cert installed … :slight_smile: I’m being optimistic !