Password Modification


I am having some issue in regards of the password modification thou as when i am trying to modify 1 account password i notice that the main user (postmaster) of my Qmail does not get modified at the same time too causing users to have multiple login name. Is there any way where we could modify both the login and postmaster of the mail administration?

Additionally, i am having an issue when i modify the password the password of mySQL also get changed where i am facing issue as follow:

if i am having 10 databases and once i change my password i have to modify 10 different databases connections script which will be quite tedious. Is there any way that we could do a user base for each mySQL database so when we do password modification on the main account the mySQL does not get changed? It’s some thing similar to what i have used previously on CPanel/WHM where they allow user creation and assigned to each database respectively.

I do look forward for your kind assistance. Thank you!

Best regards,
Nyit Shen