Password manager? what do you use?

Reading through the forum’s - i see the first question to alot of trouble shooting is did you install anything else- I think I read it on the main page as well. I am looking for a password manager that I can keep on the same server as virtualmin. What do yall use? and I don’t see a script for on on the pro side- which i might have missed of course. But I want to keep all my passwords local on my server.

Use bitwarden,
Install in docker, proxy to virtualmin domain

use extension for desktop browsers, and mobile for mobile apps/browsers.

I am also using the same setup from last 1.5 year work just fine.

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Do you mean also that passwords for all on/from that same server?
Pff i don’t know if all on one and same place only?

Nextcloud offers a solution for that and with that you can host it on your system. You could also “just” use Nextcloud to sync the database with multiple devices and use a password manager like KeePass.

Yes just like but self hosted,

you can sync between multiple devices using extesions and dedicated apps from bitwarden.

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I use keepassx on my computers which I am syncing once a month with my mobile devices via google drive… I do not use anything online related. I am safe as file is encrypted so even if I give it to you without master password you wont be able to read it.

for mac you can use something like macpass - which does read and write and works great with keepass db file, on windows - well should be same keepassx or just keepass (I dont remember eh) and on android phones/tablets its keepassdroid - just one file from your source computer and youre sorted.

I would just say, if you have password manager your self and you host it online - on your own, keep in mind updates and other palava, which you do not need if you have offline password manager on your system… just keep crutial file with your passwords with you - be it online and usb and cd or whatever you can put it and you are fine. No hacks, no updates - no headaches. If password manager is hosted by company - anywhere - is up to you. Just make sure its encrypted and only you can access it.

have good day.

I’ll look into that. Thanks

1Password. I use the Family edition. After my wifes email was hacked due to her weak, reused password I force the entire family to use 1Password. Rock solid & secure, integrates very well in to all our ecosystems (Mac, Linux, Windows and phones). My kid has grown up using the password manager, he knows no other way.

If you want to use online web portal - bitwarden, keeper and others, some are free for personal use but basic service tend to lean towards commercial pricing.

I use KeePass. Open Source and free. I store database via sftp and access via desktop/laptop, mobile clients and what not. Works great for me. I can sync from my phone and next minute I can sync from a tablet or laptop. Think its a bit lacking with multi user setup/ granular security/ levels but works for me. I access it 24/7 and really wouldnt know what to do without it.

So I have tried out bitwarden- I ended up taking virtualmin off the pi as It was very ram heavy which is to be expected with all that it can do. and I ended up just running raspberry pi os - I have see a few people talk about keepass so I think I will take a look at that as well. Thank you everyone for your responses and advice.

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