Password Issues

Here’s an interesting one…

I recently had to restore from some backups I made of virtual servers/accounts, and on one of them any password I put in works. I confirmed this by trying random nonsense in the password field, and it works every time. It is only for one account. It even works in something like Roundcube.

I’m at a loss - any ideas would be much appreciated.


What distro/version is it that you’re using there?

Also, you may want to try just setting a new password, that may correct the problem you’re having.


Sorry I forgot to list that! I’m using CentOS 6.0 with Virtualmin 3.88 gpl.

I thought about setting the unix password via ssh - Is this what you are talking about?

Rather than setting it via SSH, if you set it in Virtualmin, that’d set the password both the system password and the Virtualmin password.

You can set the password for most user accounts in Edit Mail and FTP users, and just select the user in question.


Well, I actually couldn’t find an option to manage the password under Mail and FTP users, but while I was searching I found a place under Server Configuration to change the password and it worked when I changed it from there. Previously I was trying to do it from Webmin>System>Change Passwords and it wasn’t working.

Also, before when I looked at Webmin>System>Users and Groups, the user in question had the option to not require a password selected. Just FYI I guess.

Thanks again for your help!