Password Generator (Easy Feature)

Good Day,
i would like to propose a new feature for Virtualmin. Want secure passwords when i create a VirtualServer. I would like to see a password generator on the VirtualServer creation page, so that it generates good secure passwords for the user.

Kind regards, Rebrain.

Hey there Rebrain,

What were your thought on how that might work?

Whenever I go to add a new Virtual Server, I hit “Create Virtual Server”, and on that page, there’s a section titled “New virtual server details”.

In that section, within the password field, it currently generates an 8 character random password – and I can either use that, or create one of my own.

Is yours not generating a random password there? Or did you have some thoughts on a different/better way of doing that?


its not activated by default.
go to virtualmin tab - System Settings - Module Config - Select Defaults for new domains - and at Password field type select the Randomly generated password
also look at Length of randomly generated password below it. Default is 15 chars.