Partition my domanin into subdomains on a single server

Hi! Newbie here. After frustrations on sme server i came her hoping for an answer. My scenario is that i have a domain which i want to be made into,, etc… is registred to a registrar my first question is how do i configure bind to have this subdomains and is my scenario doable in virtualmin thanks


What you’re interested in is actually pretty straight forward… you can simply create a Virtual Server for any domain or sub-domain.

When you choose "Create Virtual Server", you can enter either "" or "" or any of the other domains you mentioned.

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You mean to say no more tweaking on my dns records? Virtualmin would take care of thta as well? I beleive I need to add some CNAME records on my zone. Can you guide me on the track i have to take to work this out thanks eric

Yup, Virtualmin tries to make life a bit easier :slight_smile:

Adding any domain to a Virtual Server or Virtual Sub-Server will generate the related DNS records.

To add additional records, you can choose the domain you wish to alter using the drop-down on the top-left, then go into Services -> DNS Domain, and add your desired CNAME records into the "Name Alias" screen.