Parsing ssh guest output from pfsense

Not sure whether this is the right forum for this question.
I am trying to make a kvm guest running pfsense recognized by cloudmin’s monitoring.
Started to look at the code and I got to a point where if I run refresh status from command line api, it actually returns ssh nowebmin (which is what I want).
It doesn’t work yet from the gui (after running the command line api it changes to ssh, but falls back to nossh at the next internal refresh).
What I did basically is change the run_ssh_command function in so it properly parses ssh daemon’s output in the waitfor loop.
The end result I am hoping to achieve is ability to properly monitor guests running pfsense (and possibly other freebsd flavours)
The questions are:

  1. Is it something achievable with the way things currently work in cloudmin’s sources?
  2. Should I succeed, would the developers consider adding it to the sources?