Paid help. Failed to start apache

OS type and version Centos7
Webmin version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED
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Hi All

I have a problem with my server. Everything can be checked here:

I’m looking for paid help. Can anyone help please?


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Check my response in the other thread. I don’t think you need paid help for this one.


Thanks for your interest. I would have to pay because I don’t know too much and have no time. The problem is that in my httpd.conf I can’t find any lines containing.

Would you consider paid help???

A thought just came to me. Did you look in .htaccess for the site(s) in question? Maybe some php5-era stuff in there.

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I can’t find anything.

I can’t find anything

What is the full text (without the ellipses) of these three lines:

Jun 22 12:55:57 []( systemd[1]: Starting The Apache HTTP S…
Jun 22 12:55:57 []( httpd[30471]: AH00526: Syntax error on…
Jun 22 12:55:57 []( httpd[30471]: Invalid command 'php_adm…

The second line in particular is vital. Syntax error where?



I’ll be available in a few hours.

*** Professional, Affordable Tech Support ***

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@kosa I’m available to help immediately.

Send me an email, and I’ll provide my resume and references.

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Everything is sorted. Big thanks for all help provided!!!

I would like especially thanks to virtual_aidan for his support in fixing my problem.
Aidan been very engaged and helpful. I would highly recommend his service.


Big thanks for your support. I was blind!!!

My pleasure.

You’re very welcome, Kosa! :partying_face: It was a pleasure working with you. :sunglasses: :handshake:

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