[PAID] A Failsafe Solution for mounting /homes folder with WebDAV


I am trying to host virtualmin mails in an external drive that I can reach with WebDAV. I need a good solution for this. Willing to pay for a proper guide

here is some tips for external storage settings. I couldnt find whole solution tho…

I can’t help, but some pointers for whoever can:

Dovecot retrieves mail on behalf of clients. Procmail delivers it to mailboxes. You’ll need to be able to mount your remote drive as a filesystem that is accessible to both. I believe you’d use davfs2 for that (but maybe there are other options now, I am not familiar with the area): WebDAV Linux File System (davfs2)

The Dovecot docs you’ve linked cover NFS; WebDAV is a quite different protocol. It may have some of the same potential issues, but it’s not the same, or even similar, protocol (and while it is a more modern protocol, it’s also very quirky in its own right).

I created a job here:

I closed the job.

For future reference;
I decided switching to dedicated server from cloud and will use onlyoffice docker version.

Thanks for your time.

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